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The City of Arkansas City strives to provide a high quality of life for its citizens by furnishing a variety of efficient services in a professional, courteous manner.

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Major functions of the Streets division include: snow and ice removal, street resurfacing, street sweeping, and everyday maintenance of streets and alleys.  The Streets division also maintains and mows approximately 11 miles of dikes/levees and approximately 1,700 miles of canals and roadways each year.

The City's street system includes approximately 104 miles of streets/alleys:

  • Asphalt             40 miles
  • Brick                  24 miles
  • Chip Seal          33 miles
  • Gravel               14 miles
  • Concrete           4 miles
Street Maintenance and Repair Program:

Pothole Patching:  The goal is to patch areas to provide a safe street network throughout the City, and to fill potholes, seal cracks, and provide asphalt patching for the roadway system.  Some 100 tons of hot and cold asphalt are used annually to patch holes in the paved streets.

Gravel Street and Alley Maintenance:  All gravel streets are graded at least 5 times per year.  Gravel alleys are graded and gravel is replaced as needed, depending upon traffic flow. 

Street Sweeping:  All streets are swept at least once a year.  Major streets and those in downtown area are swept more frequently.  Sweeping is done year round when weather permits. The department is also out after major events in the downtown area, such as Arkalalah and the Last Run.  Sweeping is also done ahead of the crack and chip sealing operations, and following the application of sand for snow and ice control.

Painting:  Center line and lanes are painted each September and October.  Those in high traffic areas may be painted twice.  School and pedestrian cross walks are painted each summer.  Approximately 300 gallons of paint are used each year along with 1,900 pounds of glass beads.

Street Reconstruction:  Street construction entails removal of the existing surface and repairing any base failure.  Once the base has been repaired, the Street Department crews overlay this with asphalt or repair the brick wearing surface.

Street Sign Maintenance:  Arkansas City street signs consist of street name signs, speed limit signs, school zone signs, parking signs, etc.  The department regularly repairs or replaces street name and regulatory signs.  Vandalism accounts for a large percentage of those repairs and replacements.